Itll be faster on the road.

A six-speed automatic transmission is a 1,500 option for both trims. Nov 10, 2014 Tagged 1 Thread (s) Rev Hang Issue.


Years ago, I drove a Porsche 944S and an Alfa GTV6.

Only when the rev hang stops, then a lighter flywheel will make the revs drop. . .

There is also considerable rev hang, so pausing briefly between upshifts is necessary for the smoothest possible engagement.

Dec 3, 2021 This is pretty sad news for me. In the case of a rev hang my interpretation of that is that it holds the revs for a little bit before going down at a certain rpm. ENGINE.

It wont be as practical, its RWD so you can do a lot of fun thing dynamically, and theres already established aftermarket. Thanks.

The stick is accurate, however the throws are on the long side, and getting into first gear reliably requires a deft touch at times.

Anyone know a fix to this rev hang issue when the shifter is in gear but clutch is in If I am coming to a stop and clutch in,.

As for tuning out rev hang, it will increase emissions somewhat. .

. On my Porsche, the engine responds to the throttle pedal with hardly any perceptible.

The WRX was almost the perfect.
Go to GR86 rGR86 by.

There&39;s some rev hang & it can be slow to react, but it does its job.


. . It was awful, ruined the enjoyment of the manual transmission.

This is due to the inertia of the flywheel, and the lack of air going in the intake as the throttle is release. . Rev match is on downshifts. . .


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At the time of writing, Toyota has not announced pricing for the GR86 10th Anniversary Special Edition.

Got a good deal off FB market for GR86 17 wheels with new tires.

Nov 2, 2022 The 2023 Toyota GR86 has a base MSRP of 27,900, which is typical for the class.

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