Running Year 2016.


. IMDB Rating 6.

Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo.


Horimiya. the following dramas may or may not have bed scenes, too. .


. Feb 14, 2015 2. .

4. 9.

Thank you so much Stevie70 for all of these recommendations.


. The Dae drama periodically takes a backseat to the dramas of the greater Kiss population, an international group of wealthy, overachieving teenagers whose hormones are running high.

. I think FighterTutor and most of MaxTul's have those.

IMDB Rating 6.
GENRES mostly romance.


All of these I do not recommend them for underage people Lovestruck in the city (kdrama); coffee and vanilla (jdrama); shanai marriage honey (not many kisses but they show.

11 K-Drama Actors Who Are Great At Kiss Scenes. 329. Finally we get a drama where the female lead isnt afraid of intimacy and is even the aggressor sometimes.

Lots of skinship. Sep 22, 2022 From the build-up to the moment to the execution, here are 5 BL K-Dramas with the best kiss scenes. Table of Contents hide Japanese romance dramas. Feb 14, 2015 2. Great K-Dramas with great kisses & chemistry.


. This list is for the Asian dramas.



May 20, 2023 Here is a film for every 16-year-old still finding their real identity between their brash friend-squad front and the most diminishing taunts of their self-image, and for every older person who.


In The Realm of the Senses (1976) Japan.